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          2015 Review              (Updated 14th Oct 2015) 

The review of events for 2015 is shown below.


PRIDE OF CANTERBURY at the ferry port.


Holyhead Towing's AFON CEFNI underway in the harbour.


CORALWATER berthed in the docks.


Lunch is served!


Members enjoy the slide show.

Photos by Ian Cochran and Roger Hammond.

Report by Ian Cochran.

Saturday 31st January 2015 - Winter Social at Dover.

Some 36 members met at the Dover Marina Hotel on the last day of January for our regular Winter Social get together.

A few had battled through snow to attend and the day proved to be cold but with clear views of the channel and even Cap Gris Nez was seen until mid afternoon when heavy rain ensued.

Those arriving early viewed and photographed the ferries, plus the Holyhead Towing tug AFON CEFNI leaving the Western Docks.

The day took on its usual format with pre-lunch drinks, teas and/or coffees, before sitting down in the Chartwell Suite for a three-course lunch, which was up to its normal very high standard.

Following lunch, the tables were cleared back and the chairs re-arranged to enable everyone to enjoy the slide show, which was again given by retired professional photographer Don Smith, ably backed up by his son - TSS Membership Secretary Dave Smith - who provided the commentary.

The slides covered several decades and many places in the world. There was a good selection of cruise ships and liners, as well as cargo liners, tugs and other vessels. A few of the later slides were taken on the TSS’ 2014 DIANE trip.

Once again, our thanks go to Roger Hammond for organising the day and to the staff of the Dover Marine Hotel who looked after us well.

By popular demand, the committee will discuss holding the event again on the last Saturday of January, 2016. Members will be informed as soon as the details have been ironed out.

Saturday 11th April 2015 - AGM and Southampton Cruise.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting and Southampton Cruise commenced at noon on board Blue Funnel’s vessel Ocean Scene in Ocean Village, Southampton. Following an excellent three course meal and coffee we assembled for the AGM. The proceedings were dealt with efficiently by our committee and we were soon underway for our cruise of Southampton Port.

As we rounded dockhead, the vehicle carrier Hoegh Trader was being pulled off her berth by two of the local tugs, she was departing for Santander. P&O’s new cruise ship Britannia was in the Ocean Dock, she was originally due to leave Southampton at 16:30, but unfortunately for us this had been delayed until 18:00, meaning we would miss her departure. Nevertheless we had good close up views of her in Ocean Dock. Spleithoff's Sampogracht was at 106 berth in the Western Docks, loading another consignment of yachts. The very large containership Shanghai Express was at the container terminal.

We then made our way back through the docks, and down Southampton Water bound for Fawley. The incoming Hapag-Lloyd container ship Philadelphia Express passed us as we got to Fawley where two of the local tugs were assisting the departing tanker Baltic Marshall. Once the shipping at Fawley had been photographed, we proceeded back to Southampton in time to obtain some shots of another vehicle carrier departing from Southampton. This time it was the Brasilia Highway bound for Baltimore. Unfortunately our time was up so we made our way back to Ocean Village where our cruise ended.

With thanks to the committee and Simon Martin for organising the day. Our thanks also to Captain Rob and the crew of the Ocean Scene for a job well done.

Photos and report by Chris Brooks


HOEGH TRADER departing from the Eastern Docks bound for Santander.


P&O's new BRITANNIA in Ocean Dock.


SAMPOGRACHT loading yachts at 106 berth.


SHANGHAI EXPRESS was at the container terminal.


PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS inward bound in Southampton Water.


BRASILIA HIGHWAY departing for Baltimore.


Jolly Cristallo at Genoa.


The laid up ferry Moby Otta.


The departure of the MSC Fantasia.


Zim Monaco at Genoa.


Eurocargo-Roma in port on 21st April.


One of the local bunkering tankers Santa Giulia.

Photos and report by Roger Hammond

Sunday 19th April to Thursday 23rd April 2015 - Visit to Genoa, Italy.

Our group gathered bright and early on the Sunday morning for the start of our visit to the Port of Genoa. After an uneventful flight, we finally started our descent and our route took us low over the length of the port, revealing some interesting shipping and enabling us to see the extent of the port.

Our hotel was the Holiday Inn, where we were fortunate to have rooms overlooking the ferry / cruise terminals.

We had already found out that public port cruises ran every day; so after hotel check-in and a quick dust down, we headed off to the Aquarium area from where the boat departed. The boat trip covers the full length of the port right out to the suburb of Pegli, close to the oil terminal. It does not however cover the new container port near where could be seen languishing the remains of Costa Concordia still awaiting the final flourishing of the cutters torch.

This boat trip became a daily ritual for most of us during the stay. However time was also given over to explore the many various attractions of the city and its environs. We all very quickly became adept at using the local transport facilities.

So, here is just a small selection of the many vessels seen:-

Cruise ships Mein Schiff 1, MSC Splendida; Container ships Zim Monaco, CMA CGM Racine, Al Bahia,; Ropax Moby Drea, Athara, Sharden; RoRo Jolly Cristallo, Elyssa, Maestro Sun, Bahri Yanbu; General Cargo Kherrata, BBC Xingang. Plus, the full range of port tugs and bunkering tankers. However, the best was kept to the last day with mid-afternoon arrival of elderly Moldovan vehicle carrier Jigawa under the watchful eye of the local Coast Guard launch.

The following morning was an early start to get to the airport for our flight home and we were able to try our tug spotting skills from the aircraft as it taxied out ready for take-off. Back at Gatwick we said quick farewells before we scattered across the country to our homes.

Sunday 3rd May 2015 - Ocean Liner Ship Show, Southampton.

We had a table at the Ship Show run by the Ocean Liner Society. The show was in the Normandie Suite at the Novotel Hotel, Southampton.

Committee members were in attendance.

Saturday 16th May 2015  - Thames and Medway Cruise (1)

After a cloudy start to the day, by the time TSS members were boarding the Princess Pocahontas for the first Thames and Medway cruise of 2015, the clouds were breaking up. We set off from Gravesend shortly after 10am following the tug GPS Napia with two barges in tow, upstream. At Northfleet were the two containerships Valentina and CMA CGM Jade. Two new Kotugs ZP Bear and RT Evolution were berthed at West Thurrock, the latter was brand new and christened at Greenwich on 18th May.

At the Vopak Terminal was the tanker STI Hammersmith as well as the CPO France which was getting ready to depart with the Svitzer Brunel in attendance. At Purfleet, having photographed the Cobelfret ro-ros Valentine and Victorine we turned around and proceeded back downriver. Inbound at the entrance to Tilbury Dock, we passed the small containership Ara Atlantis which had arrived from Rotterdam. Off Gravesend the tugs Svitzer Cecilia and Svitzer Bootle were on their way to another job. Proceeding on down the river under blue skies we passed the tanker Baltic Faith inbound for Vopak from Primorsk, she was followed by two tugs, including the new Svitzer tug Svitzer London. These were closely followed by the containership Choapa Trader inbound for Northfleet having arrived from Rotterdam.

At the London Gateway container terminal the Maersk Langkloof was present. On now to the Medway, but not before pausing to let the CPO France catch up with us to provide another photo opportunity. Shipping in the Medway consisted of the large LNG tanker Yari LNG and a large bulk carrier, the 2014 built JS Columbia at Sheerness as well as the local Svitzer tugs.

Shipping on the return journey up the Thames to Gravesend was a little quieter than on the outbound journey, but we did pass the coaster Oslo bound for El Ferrol and a couple of the regular Cobelfret ro-ros. All too quickly our cruise had come to an end and we found ourselves back on the landing stage at Gravesend. Our thanks go to Captain Potter and the crew of the Princess Pocahontas for their hospitality and to Mick Axford and other members of the committee for organizing the day.

Photos and report by Chris Brooks




ARA ATLANTIS approaching Tilbury Lock.


BALTIC FAITH inbound to Vopak.


SVITZER LONDON - the new Svitzer tug on the Thames.


CHOAPA TRADER inbound for Northfleet.


CPO FRANCE outbound in the Thames Estuary.


JS COLUMBIA at Sheerness.


YARI LNG in the Medway.


The ARC vehicle carrier INDEPENDENCE II at Southampton...


...her fire damaged sistership COURAGE was berthed nearby.


Seven Seas Voyager was at the City Cruise Terminal.


MOL BREEZE was at the container terminal.


RFA ARGUS was at Portsmouth...

HMS-Dragon-6-June-2015 was HMS DRAGON.

Photos and report by Chris Brooks

Saturday 6th June 2015 - Solent Cruise (1)

With good weather forecast TSS members assembled at Ocean Village for the first Solent Cruise of 2015. Once boarded on the Ocean Scene we were soon casting off and proceeding down the River Itchen towards Southampton Docks. The first vessel photographed was the ARC vehicle carrier Independence II. Around the corner was her sistership Courage which had had a fire on her vehicle deck whilst bound for Southampton. Although she had been in port for three days several fire engines were still present on the quayside.

In the Western Docks were the cruise ships Seven Seas Voyager and Oriana as well as a few other vessels. The container terminal produced the 2014 built MOL Breeze and Hapag-Lloyd’s Antwerpen Express. By now, sadly there was some stubborn cloud hampering photography as we retraced our steps back through the docks and headed for the Solent. At Fawley the tanker Nissos Santorini was arriving. We also passed the inbound tug MTS Victory towing the barge Terramarique, sadly on the wrong side for photographs.

Out into the Solent now and to Portsmouth via the North Channel where we passed the incoming tanker Caroline A. Portsmouth was sunny and fairly busy with the RFA Argus in port. She had arrived earlier in the day. Also in port were several of the new Type 45 destroyers including HMS Dragon complete with her dragon motif on the bow. Portsmouth commercial port was also busy with two reefers present.

We then made our way back to Southampton in time to see the departure of P&O’s Oriana, sadly Southampton VTS would not give us permission to cross the channel to obtain sunny side up shots of her. All to soon our cruise was over. Thanks to Simon Martin and the other committee members for organising the day and to Captain Rob and the crew of the Ocean Scene for looking after us so well.

Sunday 21st June 2015 - Rotterdam and Europoort Cruise on Partyschip Diane.

We always pick a weekend in June for the Diane Cruise as it provides the longest hours of daylight to maximise ship photography opportunities. Sadly we don’t have any control over the weather and so it was on Sunday 21st June that we gathered for the popular annual cruise on the Partyschip Diane under grey skies and periods of rain. As we cast off and made our way down the Nieuwe Waterweg towards Europoort it started to rain more heavily and visibility was soon very poor. On arrival at Europoort, the rain had subsided slightly and we were lucky to be greeted by the arrival of the Triple-E containership Merete Maersk. We headed for the new quays at Yangtzehaven first and there the very large containership CSCL Atlantic Ocean was berthing, she was on her maiden voyage from the Far East. Maasvlakte 2 was sadly almost devoid of shipping, just one tanker, one containership and the world’s largest vessel, the Pioneering Spirit under construction.

The rest of the Europoort berths were quite busy with plenty of container ships present. The heavy load carrier Zhen Hua 27 was at Europahaven unloading three new container cranes for Europoort, with another two on board for Gdynia. Having visited all the berths in this section of Europoort we were making our way out to the Caland Canal when we passed the incoming second Triple-E containership of the day the Margrethe Maersk – she was also on her maiden voyage from the Far East, but had also called at Europoort a week before.

We now proceeded down the Caland Canal past the various tanker berths Of note here was the fully laden VLCC Genmar Victory. The outward bound product tanker STI Camden provided some close up photo opportunities. By now the rain had almost stopped. Through the Rozenburg lock now and into the Hartelkanaal for our journey back to Rotterdam. At this point the buffet lunch provided some welcome sustinence. We were now back in Rotterdam Port and our first dock to visit was Botlek. This complex was quite quiet with only a few tankers and a bulk carrier present as well as a couple of offshore rigs undergoing maintenance. The next haven visited was Eemhaven which provided opportunities to photograph the varied selection of vessels present. The sun was now making a welcome appearance as well. Proceeding upriver we passed the moored Brazilian flagged offshore construction vessel Sapura Esmeralda.

Waalhaven was the next dock visited. The more interesting vessels present including the heavy lift Rolldock Sea, bulk carrier King Hadley and the bow of the salvaged vehicle carrier Baltic Ace on a barge complete with mangled cars still inside. Time was now getting on and we sadly had to miss out a visit to the Parkkade where several vessels could be seen in the distance. We did poke our bow into the Lekhaven which these days seems to house visiting tugs, several were present including the veteran Westsund. Sadly time was now against us and we had to miss out a visit to the shipyards at Wiltonhaven which had some impressive looking offshore vessels under construction. Our cruise ended just as the skies completely cleared of clouds on a lovely sunny evening.


CSCL ATLANTIC OCEAN arriving on her maiden visit.


ZHEN HUA 27 berthed at Europahaven delivering new container cranes.


The new Triple-E containership MARGRETHE MAERSK.


VLCC GENMAR VICTORY in the Caland Canal.


FLINTERCAPE in Eemhaven.


Brazilian flagged offshore vessel SAPURA ESMERALDA.


Heavy lift vessel ROLLDOCK SEA in Waalhaven.


The bow of the salvaged BALTIC ACE complete with mangled cars.



Photos and report by Chris Brooks.


LNG carrier MAGELLAN SPIRIT in the Medway.


LS CONCORDE outward bound in the Thames.


MSC LIESELOTTE at Northfleet.


ADMIRAL departing from Grays assisted by SVITZER BOOTLE.


LEANDER, a fleetmate of the ADMIRAL at Vopak.


CEMIL BAYULGEN at the Cobelfret terminal.



Thursday 9th July 2015 - Thames and Medway Cruise (2)

The second Thames and Medway cruise on the Princess Pocahontas took place on Thursday 9th July under blue skies and sunshine. Nearly forty members gathered on the Gravesend Landing Stage, despite a strike by London Underground and First Great Western trains. We proceeded downstream first. Sadly the London Gateway container terminal was empty as was Southend Anchorage. The small tanker LS Concorde was at the Oikos Storage Jetty. Sheerness was also devoid of shipping, but the LNG terminal in the Medway produced the large LNG carrier Magellan Strait. The feeder Flintercape was at Thamesport container terminal and a little upriver was the products tanker Torm Alexandra.

We made our way back up the Thames where we met the outward bound LS Concorde previously photographed on the Oikos jetty. As we neared Gravesend the outward bound ro-ro Baltica passed us having departed from Tilbury Dock for Gothenburg. The elderly containership MSC Lieselotte was at Northfleet Container Terminal. She departed later in the evening for Kotka. At the Grays jetty, Carl Buettner’s tanker Admiral was in the process of casting off assisted by the tug Svitzer Bootle. She too was bound for Gothenburg. At the Vopak jetty, the fleetmate of the Admiral, the Leander was berthed.

The Turkish owned ro-ro Cemil Bayulgen, which has been chartered by Cobelfret for their Rotterdam service was at their Purfleet Deep Water terminal. Berthed just upriver of her was another Turkish owned vessel, the chemical tanker Besiktas Scotland. She departed the day after our trip for Riga. On our way back to Gravesend, we passed the incoming tanker Nordic Henriette which was in the process of taking the berth vacated by the Admiral. All too soon we arrived back at Gravesend. Although there was not a huge amount of shipping to be seen, the excellent weather conditions made up for that with some good quality photo opportunities. Our thanks go to Mick Axford and the other committee members for organizing the day and to Captain Potter and the crew of the Princess Pocahontas for looking after us so well.

Photos and report by Chris Brooks.

Saturday 8th August 2015 - Solent Cruise (2)

Sun, Sea and ships were the order of the day when 56 members gathered in Ocean Village for our second Solent Cruise. The Ocean Scene took her by now familiar course down the River Itchen towards Southampton Docks. The first vessel photographed was the Wilhelmsen’s vehicle carrier Toronto with Carisbrooke’s Kate C arriving to load grain. Around the corner was another vehicle carrier Morning Pride, while P&O’s new flagship Britannia lay at the Ocean Cruise Terminal, dwarfing the Channel Islands feeder Huelin Dispatch.

The Western Docks proved to be busy with the cruise ships Celebrity Eclipse and Balmoral present, as well as the vehicle carriers Autoprestige, Silverstone Express and IDM Simex, plus Wagenborg’s mini-bulker Voorneborg. Across at Marchwood, Anvil Point could be seen. The container terminal produced a bonus, as Hapag-Lloyd’s Shanghai Express was departing No 5 berth, while alongside the terminal, the feeder India, Hapag-Lloyd’s New York Express and the OOCL Mexico were berthed.

We retraced our steps back through the docks and headed for the Solent following the Shanghai Express. At Fawley, the tankers Sten Skagen, Nordic Amy, Pacific Endeavor, Dale and the Aframax Propontis were on the outer berths, while the Coastalwater and Frances Wonsild were on the inner berths.At Hamble another Aframax could be seen - British Kestrel - preparing to depart for Rotterdam.

The North Channel was quiet except for a plethora of yachts as it was the start of Cowes Week. Portsmouth was fairly busy with five ‘Daring’ class destroyers, three ‘Type 23s’ and the usual number laid up naval vessels awaiting disposal. SD Victoria was also alongside, while the MoD chartered tanker Cumbrian Fisher was lying at the Gosport tanker berth. In the ferry port, the Mont St Michel had sailed and the small converted cruise vessel Hebridean Princess was alongside. In addition, the reefer Costa Rican Star was discharging reefer boxes. As we turned to leave Portsmouth Harbour, the fast ferry Normandie Express came in, as did the reefer Crown Topaz complete with the Fowey tug Cannis hooked up to her stern.

We made our way back to Southampton passing the outgoing tankers British Kestrel and Pacific Endeavor in the Solent, plus the cruise ships Balmoral and Celebrity Eclipse in Southampton Water, making a fine sight for the photographers.

All to soon our cruise was over. Thanks go to Simon Martin and the other committee members for organising the day and to the Captain and the crew of the Ocean Scene for looking after us so well as usual.

Photos and report by Ian Cochran.


BRITANNIA at Ocean Terminal.


SILVERSTONE EXPRESS in the Western Docks.


NEW YORK EXPRESS was at the container terminal.


SD VICTORIA at Portsmouth.


HEBRIDEAN PRINCESS at Portsmouth Cruise Terminal.


Reefer CROWN TOPAZ arriving at Portsmouth...


.... assisted by the tug CANNIS.


CELEBRITY ECLIPSE departing from Southampton.


CRIMSON PRINCESS in Southend Anchorage.


MSC PANAMA inbound for London Gateway.


EMMA in the Mouse Anchorage.


XIN SHUN berthed at Thamesport.


STI CLAPHAM at the Vopak Terminal.


Cement carrier ENCOFRADOR at Bevans Wharf.

Photos and report by Chris Brooks.

Saturday 5th September 2015 - Thames and Medway Cruise (3)

Our final Thames and Medway cruise of 2015 took place on Saturday 5th September. Sadly, under grey skies, we set off from Gravesend at 10am on board the Princess Pocahontas. We headed downriver, past an empty London Gateway container terminal and out into Southend Anchorage, where the bulk carrier Crimson Princess was anchored. She was waiting for a berth at the sugar refinery at Silvertown having arrived from Lautoka, Fiji. On the way we passed the inbound Yara Gas 3 and ro-ro Obbola. We also photographed the outbound Norsky on her regular route to Zeebrugge and the inbound container ship MSC Panama arriving from Valencia for London Gateway. We then followed a coaster RMS Bremen to the Mouse Anchorage where another three coasters were anchored.

On now to the River Medway which was a little quiet. The vehicle carrier Baltic Breeze was at Sheerness and the large bulk carrier Xin Shun was unusually berthed at Thamesport container terminal unloading steel products. As we retraced our steps back up the Thames, we passed the outbound container feeder Ara Atlantis which was bound for Antwerp. At Denton the Dutch dredger Reimerswaal was at Clubbs Wharf.

We passed Gravesend and proceeded upriver passing the tanker Lemonia at Grays Terminal, followed by the tankers STI Clapham and Baltic Faith at the Vopak Terminal. On reaching the Dartford Bridge we turned back downriver, passing the inbound coaster Emma bound for Erith and the container feeder OPDR Tanger for Tilbury Dock. Possibly the most interesting ship photographed and our last one for the day was the Spanish cement carrier Encofrador dating from 1982, berthed at Bevans Wharf, having arrived from Gijon. All too soon the cruise was over and we arrived back at Gravesend. Our thanks to Captain Potter and the crew of the Princess Pocahontas for another excellent trip and to Mick Axford and other members of the committee for organising the day.

17th to 21st September 2015 - Relax by the Schelde.

Thursday morning saw 13 members gathered at Stratford to board our luxury coach to Dover where we picked up the remaining members making the trip to Terneuzen. We were soon on board our P&O ferry heading to Calais. During the crossing we were able to log bulkers Louise Bulker and Samjohn Legacy together with reefer Sierra Lara and container ship Thalassa Doxa. Calais produced cable ship Ile be Brehat, but we couldn’t hang around as disembarkation was upon us. Our drive to Terneuzen was uneventful and after a very speedy check-in at the Golden Tulip Hotel, we had some time to photograph the passing ships. These included tanker Sequoia, vehicle carrier Hoegh Singapore and inbound Turkish bulker Ocean Destiny.

Friday morning we were up bright and early for our visit to Antwerp but had time to log container ship AS Morgana and vehicle carrier Courageous Ace both outbound with inbound container ship CMA CGM Corneille. Our drive to Antwerp took us via the main locks to view the shipping leaving the port. These included general cargo vessel Leopold Staff and tanker Nordic Trine. Then it was round to the Flandria terminal where we boarded our cruise boat for our trip round the enclosed docks. A number of the older Antwerp port tugs were laid up in the side docks. The trip around was generally interesting and produced bulker Federal Ems, reefer Atlantic Klipper. MSC Samantha and MSC Loretta were undergoing refurbishment. There was a clutch of car carriers including the now quite elderly City of Tokyo and Silver Sun. Also seen were several of the newer Antwerp Port tugs 40, 41, 42 and 43. On the container berth was the interesting looking Rijnborg. Also seen was the smart bulker Ansac Amity. We were delayed returning to our berth as a tug had to lay some wreck buoys around a pleasure vessel that had mysteriously sunk during the night. We eventually returned to Terneuzen just in time to see tanker Jo Kiri and coaster Arklow Faith.

Saturday was to be a day of rest for our coach driver so we were able to spend the whole day by the Schelde. The day yielded gas tanker Yas, roro Petunia Seaways, tanker Antracyth, container ship Northern Dexterity and a chance to photograph Ansac Amity again, this time under way. Another sighting was outbound containership Atlantic Conveyer whose life must be coming to an end, one her sisters having already succumbed to the breakers torch. Another bulker Federal Skeena was logged and coaster Fast Sam inbound to the Ghent Canal.

Sunday held the option of staying by the river or joining the coach for a visit to the Port of Ghent. In this, we were very lucky that the Port had an open day and it was possible to drive, walk, cycle or even skateboard around every square foot of the docks. BNS Crocus was attracting a lot of visitors but we were soon driving around the port and logging E.Karakaya - in the process of being broken up, bulk carrier RM Dynasty which was getting ready to leave during the afternoon, at the silos were general cargo Palmali Voyager and bulker Ean. We then drove round to the opposite side of the canal to view the scrap berth where a trawler and a floating casino were awaiting their fate. We then drove back along the canal back to Terneuzen stopping on the way to log tanker Maersk Tacoma, general cargo Rome Trader, bulker Federal Danube and small general cargo ship Wilson Leith, arriving back in time to see some more of the passing shipping which included Multratug 4 testing its fi-fi equipment, bulk carrier Petalon anchored off and lightening ship into a series of barges before proceeding up the Ghent Canal. MSC Matilde was outbound and then MSC Joy and MSC Alexa were inbound. Also seen, reefer Colombian Star and the day was rounded off with outbound containership Hyundai Victory.

Monday meant an early start as we were to visit Dunkirk to view the bulk berths. However before leaving Terneuzen, there was just time to see Petalon being guided into the locks prior to making her trip up the canal. Unfortunately, in Dunkirk, due to an ‘out of service’ bridge we could not reach the bulk berths, although as it turned out, there were no ships alongside. We were able to see tug VB Adroit, tanker Stolt Fuji and cable ship Oceanic Phoenix, before we moved round to the ferry terminal to join our DFDS ferry back to Dover. Leaving port we logged laid up ferry Rodin, tanker Sikinos and containership CMA CGM Fort St Pierre. Crossing the channel several ships were seen but only westbound tanker Janne Wonsild and bulker Santa Rita were really close enough to log. Arrival in Dover produced cruise ship Aidabella and reefer Nederland Reefer. Now it was time to disembark and, after dropping off some members at Dover Station, the rest of us were duly returned to Stratford Railway Station where we could seek out our trains for the journey back home at the end of another very successful TSS overseas tour.

Photos and report by Roger Hammond.


OCEAN DESTINY inbound to Antwerp.


CMA CGM CORNEILLE passing Ternuezen.


RIJNBORG berthed in Antwerp.


ANSAC AMITY outbound passing Ternuezen.


E. KARAKAYA at the scrap berth in Ghent.


MULTRATUG 4 testing her fire fighting equipment off Terneuzen.


Laid up ferry RODIN at Dunkerque.


NEDERLAND REEFER berthed at Dover on our return journey.

Saturday 14th November 2015 - South Coast Ship Show at Hove.

We will have a table at the South Coast Ship Show which will be held at the Boundary Rooms, Sussex County Cricket Club, Hove. Committee members will be in attendence to welcome friends old and new.

For more information about the Ship Show, visit the Coastal Shipping website.



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